Photo of CSX Freight Train Passing Through Fostoria Ohio in the Winter By Jim Spavins.

Copyright and Licensing Information

Copyright and Licensing Information

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Commercial Licensing Information

Commercial licensing options are available for any of the works contained on the website for which Jim Spavins is the copyright holder.  Commercial reproduction includes any use in which the person or entity reproducing the work will make money from reproducing the work.  Examples include posting an article on a website with ads, reproducing an article in a newsletter or magazine, or building a model railroad for a third party using a trackplan from the website. Send an email through the contact page to discuss licensing arrangements. The exact nature of how the work will be profited from will determine licensing rates.

Non-Commercial Licensing Information

If you would like to use any of the works on this website for non-commercial uses, such as reposting on a personal website where no sales or advertising is conducted, please send an email through the contact page to discuss licensing arrangements. In general, a limited reproduction will be approved for no fee with a link back to the article and proper credit provided for the work.

Personal Use Licensing

Any of the works on this site may simply be read or links to pages within the site shared on social media or on other websites without any prior approval or written permission.  All of the track plans may be constructed by the layout owner for personal use (if constructed by a commercial builder, please contact for licensing information).